Extra Virgin Olive Oil Export to USA

Our wholesale cultivation, harvesting and production has over 70 years of experience.
EVOO straight from the olive tree, unrefined

500 ml bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Premium quality

500 ml bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Hands down, the best quality olive oil in your kitchen. This extra virgin olive oil is made with the highest quality standards in production, carries an excellent flavor, and is great for both raw consumption and cooking.

Oleo Estrella begins its journey in USA with Global Bridges LLC.

We continue to advance in the internationalization of extra virgin olive oil.


Harvesting the tree at its optimum moment

In terms of production, Jaén, Spain, is concentrated in the largest geographical area of olive trees in the world. With hundreds of years of experience, from generation to generation, we harvest the olive tree at the optimal moment.

Quality manufacturing process

Our experience supports us. We have been working on our oil mill for more than 70 years, with professionalism and knowledge of the product.

We export the product directly from the tree to the USA

We facilitate the purchase and shipment of the product directly to your country. Our goal is to maintain long-term relationships with distributors.
We are located in the geographical area with the longest tradition of olive cultivation in the world, Jaén (Spain). That combined with our extensive experience affords us the ability to produce some of the best EVOO in the world.

Picual variety, a flavorul product that respects the environment

Our product is of the highest quality in the market. Our extra virgin olive oil is pure; it is not mixed with other oils.

Our variety of olives is called picual, an olive that is very stable and highly resistant to oxidation. The extra virgin olive oil of the picual variety provides long-term stability for the packaging of the oils.

We collect the fruit (olives) at its optimum moment, and our olive fields comply with and respect integrated production standards, which guarantees respect for the environment.

Aceite verde

Our History as an Oil Producing Factory: 1951 - Present Day

We have been working for more than 70 years to achieve the best quality of extra virgin olive oil, so that you can enjoy its taste and nutritional benefits in your daily diet.

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